Mercator Medical: subscriptions in dividend purchase from 7th June to 30th July at the price of 500 PLN per share

The Mercator Medical Group – a producer of disposable gloves and a distributor of single-use medical materials with a p…

The Mercator Medical Group – a producer of disposable gloves and a distributor of single-use medical materials with a place of business in Kraków – conducts the dividend purchase of shares with the value exceeding 312 million PLN, in accordance with previous announcements of the Management Board and within the scope of the relevant resolution of the General Assembly.

The invitation to the sale of shares indicates detailed rules of carrying out the dividend purchase of shares (current report No. 26/2021). The most important of them include the following parameters:

  • Purchase price: 500 PLN, number of shares covered by the invitation: 623,800 pcs (5.9% of the total number of shares). In the most extreme case, when all shareholders respond to the invitation with all of their shares (maximum possible reduction of subscriptions), the redemption of at least one share from the investor by the Company will ensure the registration of at least 17 shares of the Company for the purchase.
  • The subscription registration period is from 7th June to 30th July this year, 5:00 p.m.; all shareholders will be treated in the same way, and the reduction of subscriptions will be on a pro rata basis (the order of submission of replies to the invitation will not be decisive).
  • Forms of response to the Company’s invitation available to investors holding the Company’s shares:
    • In the investment company where the investor has subscribed shares of the Company, including remotely/online (options may differ depending on the brokerage office and/or type of investment account),
    • Personally in Customer Service Points of the Brokerage House of BOŚ,
    • By mail,
    • By electronic means using the qualified electronic signature.

The dividend purchase price is the lowest possible price from the range of 500–770 PLN adopted by the General Assembly. At the current share price (approx. 250 PLN), it ensures the dividend character of the purchase, at the same time – with the constant amount of over 312 million PLN appropriated for the purchase – allowing for the participation of the broadest possible group of investors thanks to the maximum decrease of the guaranteed threshold of participation in the purchase to 17 shares, i.e. the package worth currently approx. 4,000 PLN,” comments Witold Kruszewski, Member of the Management Board for Financial Affairs in the Mercator Medical Group.

“In accordance with our previous declarations, we publish the details of the process well in advance; the subscription period is long in order to provide shareholders with a high degree of time comfort for each available form of response and with an opportunity to respond to the invitation remotely/online. Our goal was to ensure that the process is transparent and fair, and that shareholders can complete the formalities in a relatively easy manner,” adds Witold Kruszewski, CFO of the Mercator Medical Group.

The dividend purchase of Mercator Medical is the economic equivalent of a dividend payment (average gross amount of 30.1 PLN per share – 12.3% of the share price from the last session on 31st May, 2021) and ensures benefits arising from the form of purchase, such as (1) tax optimisation (tax payable in April 2022, including the share purchase cost and with the offsetting of other transactions, personal dividend tax collected in full before payment), (2) a smaller number of traded shares (purchased shares will be redeemed, good impact on stock exchange indicators), or (3) the lack of a technical mechanism of exchange rate decrease at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (‘dividend cut-off’). Apart from that, each shareholder can decide whether he/she wants to take part in the purchase or whether he/she prefers retaining a larger number of shares (the dividend does not allow for the individual strategy of each investor).

The full content of the invitation to the sale of Mercator Medical’s shares (current report No. 26/2021) is available in stock exchange news services and in the Investor Relations section on the Company’s website: www.mercatormedical.eu.

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